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TVS System, 70-74 Dodge Challenger


The new Hotchkis Total Vehicle System for 70-74 Dodge Challengers is the easiest and most effective way to give your Mopar incredible sports car handling. Engineered as a tuned performance system, the TVS kit will reduce body roll, dramatically improve handling and create incredible driver control for a more enjoyable driving experience. Balanced handling is achieved using geometry corrected upper control arms, adjustable strut rods, adjustable steering rods, front and rear sport sway bars, geometry corrected rear leaf springs, and sub frame connectors. The Hotchkis TVS works with your stock K-member, preserving the soul of your Mopar. While infusing it with incredible, heart-pounding Viper handling.

• Provides modern sports car handling for classic Mopar muscle cars.
• Dramatically improves steering and chassis response
• Increases stability, improves traction, reduces body roll by increasing front/rear roll stiffness
• Easy installation with minor welding involved.

• Tuned, balanced system for optimum handling.
# 1110 Geometry Corrected Tubular Control Arms
#14366 Adjustable Strut Rods
#16366 Adjustable Steering Rods
#2254 Lightweight, Durable 1 1/4" Tubular Front Bar, Adjustable 13/16" Tubular Rear Bar
#243667 Geometry Corrected Leaf Springs
#4011L Sub Frame Connectors

Note: Leaf springs pictured do not represent actual springs. Hotchkis' final design incorporates 3 leafs for a lighter design. Want to learn more? Check out our FAQ Page.

TVS System, 70-74 Dodge Challenger

Price: $3373.95

SKU: 80111
Application Guide:
70-74 Dodge Challenger

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1970, 1971,1972,1973,1974 Dodge Challenger