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2003-2007 Nissan 350Z / G35 Sport Sway Bars from Hotchkis Sport Suspension
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Hotchkis Sport Suspension 22413 2003-2007 Nissan 350Z / G35 Sport Sway Bars. Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sway bars for your Nissan 350 Z or Infinity G35 improve your handling and reduce body roll. Turn in with confidence and late brake in the corners with our track tested lightweight hollow sway bars. Sway bar sets include front and rear bars greasable bushings and brackets. Specifications: Front 1-3/8 in. (35MM) Tubular(Bar Weight 13.5lbs) 4 Position Adjustable. Rear 15/16 in. (24mm) Tubular (bar weight 5.5lbs) 3 Position Adjustable. Bar rates compared to 350Z and 03- 05 G35 Front: Hole 1 = 1525 lbs/in (22% Stiffer than stock) Hole 2 = 1845 lbs/in (48% Stiffer than stock) Hole 3 = 2270 lbs/in (82% Stiffer than stock) Hole 4 = 2855 lbs/in (129% Stiffer than stock) Rear: Hole 1 = 520 lbs/in (80% Stiffer than stock) Hole 2 = 655 lbs/in (125% Stiffer than stock) Hole 3 = 840 lbs/in (185% Stiffer than stock)

Features and Benefits:
  • Improves Cornering
  • Reduces Body Roll
  • CNC Bent For A Precise Fit
  • Lightweight Hollow Construction
  • Grease-able Polyurethane Bushings
  • Powder Coated For Durability
  • Tested And Tuned For Best Performance
Product Attributes
Finish Powder Coat
Material Steel