2011-2012 Mustang HOTCHKIS Track Pack TVS Install

Designed for high performance Mustangs headed for autocross and track days, the Hotchkis Sport Suspension Track Pack TVS is a tuned, balanced complete suspension solution for the 2011-2012 SN197 5.0L Mustang. Born on the track and engineered for razor-sharp handling performance, the Track Pack improves steering response and stability, eliminates under steer and allows for precise driver control. Starting up front, the system includes a strong, lightweight Strut Tower Brace . To improve vehicle feel and offer a more aggressive stance, 1.1″ lowered coil sport springs with performance rates are utilized. To control body roll, lightweight tubular Sway Bars are included; a 1.5″ 4 way adjustable front bar and 1″ three-way adjustable rear bar allow you to dial-in the way the car responds to throttle steer and driver input. The Hotchkis Chassis Max Sub Frame Connectors and K Member Brace tie the uni-body together, reducing chassis flex. To improve handling control and traction, the rear features an adjustable upper trailing arm with high articulation PTE lined 7/8″ heim joint and massive 1.5″ CNC machined aluminum body. The lower trailing arms are laser cut, tig welded steel construction for maximum strength to weight performanceand include greasable swivel max polyurethane bushings. Lateral movement is controlled by a adjustable panhard rod. All necessary hardware and complete installation instructions are included. This package will give you the ultimate handling Mustang.