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Mopar B & E Body FAQ

Mopar B & E Body Technical Page
This page contains technical data specific to the Mopar B & E Body Platforms. Here you will find recommended upgrades to meet specific needs, FAQ’s, and technical videos.
Front Suspension
Q. Why don’t you offer a new K-Member?
Answer: During our initial development of the B & E body platforms we looked into developing a K Member as many of our competitors have done, but soon after initial development, our engineers determined ways we could offer, bolt on upgrades, that effectively improve the front end geometry without the costly, difficult to install K-Member change.
Q. What do your Geometry Corrected Tubular A-Arms do?
Answer: The a-arm pivot bracket we provide is part of our solution for reducing bumpsteer. The stock upper a-arm configuration has such a steep inner pivot angle. This causes the caster to change rapidly as the suspension travels up & down causing excessive spindle geometry-point movement. Our new pivot location reduces this caster change and allows the upper, lower and steering arms to translate more harmoniously throughout its travel. This change in conjunction with our steering tie rods help minimize unwanted bumpsteer. In addition, the upper arms themselves have more negative camber and more positive caster built into them to maximize tire contact patch while cornering. Our Challenger runs close to +6° of caster and -2.5° of camber.
Q. How Do I correct bump steer?
Answer: Hotchkis Sport Suspension offers adjustable steering rods that allow correction for most bump steer conditions. Want to learn more about bump steer? View our informative video.
Front Sway Bar
Q. Does the front sway bar installation require drilling or welding?
Answer: The front sway bar does require a bracket to be welded to the vehicle. This is required to allow for the strongest possible connection to the vehicle. Detailed instructions can be found at the following links. 66-69 B-Body Item # 2255, 70-74 E-Body # 2254
Q. What if my lower control arms do not have end link brackets?
Answer: Hotchkis now manufacturers these brackets which can be welded on to stock lower control arms allowing the installation of a sway bar. 66-70 B Body cars use part # 23366 70-74 E Body cars and some 70-72 B-body cars will use # 23367.
Rear Suspension
Q. What features make Hotchkis Sport Suspension leaf springs so special?
Answer: The leaf springs Hotchkis offers have many features built in that increase strength and improve performance.
Torque management: 24366 & 24367 springs feature a half length top rebound spring, and a stiffened front section to help torque management and help reduce axle wrap up and wheel hop. This design allows torque management without the added weight of a full leaf.
Bushing Eye: 24366 & 24367 springs feature Berlin eye’s at both ends. The Berlin is the strongest of all bushing eyes and offers reduced eye stress by directing acceleration and braking forces into the eye.
Noise Dampening: The Hotchkis leafs offer galvanized center liners for reduced noise and friction as well as polyethelene isolators on the clips and UHMW tip inserts.
Rear Sway Bar
Q. Does the rear sway bar installation require drilling or welding?
Answer: 1966-1969 B- Body – The rear sway bar does require two 1/2″ holes. Detailed instructions can be found at the following link. 66-69 B-Body Item # 2255,
1970-1974 E- Body – The rear sway bar does require a bracket to be welded to the vehicle. This is required to allow for the strongest possible connection to the vehicle. Detailed instructions can be found at the following link. 70-74 E-Body # 2254
Q. What is rear thrust angle and how can I correct it?
Answer: hrust angle is the angular difference between the Geometric Centerline and the Thrust Direction. The thrust angle is positive when it points to the right and negative when pointed to the left. The goal is to have zero thrust angle. The presence of a thrust angle can cause the vehicle to “dog leg” or track to the left or right during straight-line driving along with steering & tire wear issues. (See Image Below)
Q. Why is thrust angle important?
Answer: When performing a 4-wheel alignment to your G-Machine, it is imperative that the “Thrust Angle” is adjusted correctly. Having excessive thrust angle in your alignment can cause adverse effects on performance handling. Straight-line stability and steering control can be reduced. Along with an increase in “feathering” tire wear on all 4 tires. The Hotchkis Thrust Shim Kit will allow your alignment shop to properly adjust the thrust for you’re A, B, or E-Body Mopar!
Q. How can I adjust for thrust angle on my Mopar?
Answer: Hotchkis Sport Suspension has developed a Thrust Shim Kit for use with our leaf spring kits, or factory springs and hangers. The process is very simple and involves inserting the necessary shims between the leaf hanger and the body. (See Image Below)