The Apex of Comfort and Control: Introducing Hotchkis By Fox Shock Absorbers

High-performance aluminum monotube shocks for GM and Chrysler muscle cars offer optimum balance of handling, control and ride quality.


Features & Benefits

  • Manufactured by industry leader Fox Shox and tuned by Hotchkis to match the unique characteristics of each muscle car application.
  • Cutting edge monotube technology delivers a smooth ride and exceptional control.
  • Direct replacement for Original Equipment shocks.

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. (November, 2012) – The days of muscle cars being used only for drag racing are over. Thanks to modern technology and engineering, these former drag strip champions are now dominating race tracks and autocross courses around the world. But even with the best suspension components, without shock absorbers that are matched to a vehicle’s dynamics you aren’t getting the best handling possible. Choosing the correct shock just got easier now that Hotchkis Sport Suspension has developed its new Hotchkis 1.5 Street Performance Series Aluminum Shocks.

Hotchkis teamed with Fox Racing Shox to develop a shock absorber that meets the needs of the classic muscle car enthusiast. After going through extensive testing in Fox’s shock laboratory, Hotchkis put its new shocks to the test on the racetrack and on the street. All of this testing ensures that every shock application is perfectly matched to the each vehicle’s size, weight, and suspension geometry to offer superior ride comfort and excellent vehicle control.

Utilizing the latest cutting edge monotube shock technology, each Hotchkis shock absorber is built with a lightweight, smooth-bore, type III hard-anodized aluminum body. Internally, they feature digressive disc technology, a high-flow piston, specially formulated oil, and high pressure nitrogen for consistent performance under varying conditions and temperatures. Polyurethane bushings are also installed at each end for superior vibration damping and shock control.

Each shock features a half-inch hard chrome plated alloy shaft that has been heat treated for strength and durability. Every shaft is subjected to 100 hours of salt spray testing prior to use to guarantee it is resistant to corrosion. To prevent contaminants from entering the shock, the rod guide employs a wiper/scraper dual seal which cleans the shaft before reaching the main seal.

Like all Hotchkis Performance suspension products, the Hotchkis Tuned 1.5 SPS Shocks are manufactured in the USA and come with all necessary hardware. Designed as a direct replacement to the original equipment shocks, this bolt on upgrade can transform your classic GM or Mopar in a single afternoon – unlocking the true handling potential of your car.

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