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A-ARMS Hotchkis Sport Suspension Upper and Lower Tubular Control Arms

Increase Front End Traction and Stability

Hotchkis Geometry Corrected Tubular Upper and Lower A-Arms will dramatically increase handling and control. These Upper and Lower A-Arms increase caster plus have an improved camber curve compared with stock/original which creates increased front end traction and stability. The TIG-welded bolt-on A-Arms feature premium quality construction for ultimate performance and a great look. Smooth operating Delrin bushing in the 4130 Chromoly billet cross shafts allow the control arms to move smoothly through their travel. They are also ride height adjustable with machined aluminum coil spring spacers. Finished in a gloss black powder coat, these precision CNC manufactured A-Arms are ready to install and come complete with premium ball joints and end links. Easy installation with no vehicle modifications required. Only genuine Hotchkis Tubular A-Arms have laser cut “H” logos and are proudly made in the USA.

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