Challengers Cornered � Then and Now

Dodge Challengers live up to their namesake when given a chance to prove it on the road course after some suspensions changes. 

Back in the heyday of the musclecar, everyone thought straight. The usual purpose for owning cars like these were ‘stoplight’ victories, stomping on the loud pedal and feeling the tires spin as you headed down the boulevard against a real or imagined opponent. Illegal, yes, but typical for the era. On the weekends, things were more serious; drag slicks might have been bolted on the rear axles in place of the Goodyear Polyglas tires and the clock-cleanings took place at the local drag strip. To go fast in that era, the cardinal rule was that ‘there is no replacement for displacement.’ That meant 400-plus cubes under the hood, multiple carburetors, and bulletproof drivelines, with big compromises in going around corners (and in gas mileage). 

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