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Sport Coil Springs

Improve Handling and get the Right Performance Stance

Improve the handling and the appearance of your ride with a set of Hotchkis Sport Coil Springs. Sport Coil Springs provide a great looking aggressive stance and dramatically improve your car’s cornering and stability. Hotchkis engineers conducted computer modeling in addition to track and street testing to create the ultimate coil springs. Not only do they improve handling, they provide a sporty, yet comfortable ride. Hotchkis Performance Sport Coil Springs are developed as a complete front and rear balanced and engineered system especially when combined with Hotchkis Sport Sway Bars. These premium gray powder coated Sport Springs are precision wound using the highest quality steel and are proudly made in the USA.

Coil Springs
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Hotchkis Sport Suspension 1900 1964-1966 GM A-Bod ...
Your Price: $428.57
SRP: $476.19
SKU: 1900

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 19115 1967-1972 GM A-Bo ...
Your Price: $471.53
SRP: $523.92
SKU: 19115

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 1900R 1964-1966 GM A-Bo ...
Your Price: $214.79
SRP: $238.65
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Hotchkis Sport Suspension 19115F 1967-1972 GM A-B ...
Your Price: $244.76
SRP: $271.95
SKU: 19115F

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 1901 1967-1972 GM A-Bod ...
Your Price: $436.56
SRP: $485.07
SKU: 1901

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 19115R 1967-1988 GM A & ...
Your Price: $223.78
SRP: $248.64
SKU: 19115R

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 1901F 1964-1972 GM A-Bo ...
Your Price: $214.79
SRP: $238.65
SKU: 1901F

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 19118 2016-2021 Camaro S ...
Your Price: $183.92
SRP: $291.93
SKU: 19118

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 1901R 1967-1988 GM A ...
Your Price: $200.50
SRP: $247.53
SKU: 1901R

Order Now while supplies last! Hotchkis Sport Sus ...
Your Price: $319.49
SRP: $366.30
SKU: 19119

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 1902 1978-1988 GM G-Bod ...
Your Price: $391.11
SRP: $482.85
SKU: 1902

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 19119 1965 - 1966 Ford G ...
SKU: 19119F