The East Coast Camaro Club

Hotchkis headquarters is in Southern California, which means we don’t get to meet East Coast auto enthusiasts as often as we’d like, so we were thrilled to get the chance to attend the East Coast Camaros Club’s 30th Annual “All Make Charity Show” in Hudson, NH.

The President of the East Coast Camaro Club, Mike Sullivan, and nearly 100 Camaro-owning members made Hotchkis, and all makes of car owners feel welcome. This was the 30th Annual Show and all money made went to the Merrimack Valley Hospice. With over 250 cars in 38 different classes in attendance, it was a fantastic show.

We had a 2010 Camaro on a lift, and were able to spend the day showing off all the suspension components. We’re going to have to start bringing a hoist wherever we go!