Hotchkis �69 Camaro Hot Wheel

Most gearheads got their first taste of high-speed racing action with a bucket full of Hot Wheels and an orange plastic track. In our opinion, those little metal cars are still just as cool as they were all those years ago, and now the wonderful folks at Mattel have honored us with a Hotchkis-themed Hot Wheels Camaro! 

We couldn’t be more flattered, and the little Chevy street machine is extremely cool. When the designers and product planners from the company called last year and asked for our help coming up with a design for the next model in their “Muscle Mania” series, we just knew it had to be a Camaro. We suggested a first gen with a modified hockey stripe and big-inch pro-touring style wheels, and they came up with a spin on that theme that looks great. The car features our logo on both rocker panels, and from what we can tell it’s the first car in the entire Muscle Mania line to feature an auto aftermarket company so prominently. The Camaro is the fourth release in the 2009 Muscle Mania collection, following an Olds 442, an AMC AMX and a Buick GNX. 

More than 16 years after John Hotchkis founded Hotchkis Performance, it makes our entire team smile with pride when we look at the little hugger orange Camaros sitting on our desks emblazoned with a logo that literally means “muscle car.” Now all we need is a track for the conference room…