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Sport Leaf Springs

The Right Stance with Increased Handling and Control

Dramatically improve your Classic Muscle Car’s traction, launch, cornering performance and overall driving enjoyment with Hotchkis Sport Leaf Springs. Featuring multi-leaf spring packs, polyurethane rear bushings and rubber front bushings, Hotchkis Sport Leaf Springs offer both performance and ride comfort. The lowered design reduces your vehicles center of gravity and improves overall appearance. Unique to Hotchkis Sport Leaf Spring packages is the complete installation hardware kits that includes Grade-8 fasteners, heavy duty u-bolts, Hotchkis-designed shackles, hangers and polyurethane spring pads. This difference is worth noting when researching which brand of leaf spring to purchase. Go ahead, bolt a set on today and feel the performance and ride quality advantage.

Leaf Springs
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Lowering Pad Kit, F-Body Leaf Springs, (6) 1/4" Lo ...
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Sport Lowered Leaf Spring kit by Hotchkis Sport Su ...
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$557.50 Sale Runs until 7/5/22
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$543.30 Sale Runs until 7/5/22
SKU: 2431

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 24366 1967-1970 Mopar B ...
$610.78 Sale Runs until 7/5/22
SKU: 24366

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 24367 1970-1974 Mopar E ...
$593.02 Sale Runs until 7/5/22
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Hotchkis Sport Suspension 24385 1967-1976 Dodge A ...
$413.65 Sale Runs until 7/5/22
SKU: 24385

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