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Sport Sway Bars

Vital for Excellent Handling and Control

Hotchkis Sport Suspension Sway Bars are key components of a successful street or track driving experience. The lightweight hollow Sport Sway Bars improve cornering and straight line stability by dramatically reducing body roll while adding important balanced handling capability. Constructed from lighter weight hollow tubing, as compared to industry standard solid tube, they are CNC bent for a precise fit and have multiple adjustment holes. Included are the unique Hotchkis greaseable polyurethane bushings, heavy duty laser cut fabricated brackets, adjustable end links* and all hardware. These Sway Bars are extensively tested on the street and track for excellent handling improvement and comfortable ride quality, power coated in a durable gloss black finish, and proudly made in the USA.

*Some Sway bar kits do not include upgraded end-links or sway bar brackets.

Sway Bars
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Hotchkis Sport Suspension 22825F 1999-2006 BMW E4 ...
Your Price: $299.99
SRP: $333.32
SKU: 22825F
Hotchkis Sport Suspension has significantly increa ...
Your Price: $399.99
SRP: $444.43
SKU: 22825R
Hotchkis Sport Suspension 2282R 1964-1972 GM A-Bod ...
Your Price: $499.99
SRP: $555.54
SKU: 2282R
Hotchkis Sport Suspension 22834F 2006-2011 BMW E90 ...
Your Price: $449.99
SRP: $499.99
SKU: 22834F
Hotchkis Sport Suspension 22834R 2006-2011 BMW E90 ...
Your Price: $349.99
SRP: $388.88
SKU: 22834R
Hotchkis Sport Suspension 22835F 1994-1999 M3 (E36 ...
Your Price: $399.99
SRP: $444.43
SKU: 22835F
Hotchkis Sport Suspension 2284 2005-2013 Corvette ...
Your Price: $599.99
SRP: $666.66
SKU: 2284
Hotchkis Sport Suspension 23367 70-74 E-Body and ...
Your Price: $49.99
SRP: $55.54
SKU: 23367
Hotchkis Sport Suspension 22832F Front Sway Bar f ...
Your Price: $349.99
SRP: $388.88
SKU: 22832F
Hotchkis Sport Suspension 22116R 2015+ Mustang Rea ...
SKU: 22116R
Hotchkis Sport Suspension (22114F) 1964 - 1966 Mu ...
Your Price: $399.99
SRP: $444.43
SKU: 22114F
Hotchkis Sport Suspension (2292F) Chevrolet Suburb ...
Your Price: $399.99
SRP: $444.43
SKU: 2292F