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Testing, Testing, and more Testing!

All Hotchkis Sport Suspension components are tested and punished at our 600 ft. slalom, 200 ft. skid pad, and 14-turn Autocross course at California Speedway. Complete data for stock and Hotchkis equipped Performance Vehicles is gathered and evaluated. Performance gains are documented and any component not meeting our engineer’s rigid standards of fit and performance are critiqued, redesigned, and retested for performance and fit.

Real World Testing!

At our facility, selected customer’s cars are driven through a selected combination of back roads and city streets, then subjected to a simple cone test both before and after the installation of Hotchkis components to demonstrate the dramatic difference our suspension systems make in the “Real World”!

Perfect Fit!

Our customers know that their modern Performance Vehicles are designed and engineered with extremely tight tolerances. Hotchkis engineers measure the same Performance Vehicles that you drive with state-of-the-art CAD and CNC systems to ensure that our components operate free and clear of the vehicle body and frame. The Hotchkis Sport Suspension Advantage: “Install on Saturday, Drive on Sunday!” The obvious Hotchkis advantage is better handling for your Performance Vehicle. Although not immediately evident, the real advantage is the inclusion of all hardware necessary for installation that will ensure our products live up to what Performance Magazine articles have described about Hotchkis Performance and Hotchkis Sport Suspension components and kits: “Install on Saturday, Drive on Sunday!”

2010 Camaro Track Testing: Stock vs. Hotchkis: Streets of Willow
Testing image 1
Mopar A-Body Full-Tilt Track Test: Hotchkis Equipped ’69 Valiant @ Willow Springs
Testing image 2
Full-Tilt Challenger: Mopar Suspension Testing @ Willow Springs
Testing image 3
1980 Trans Am 600ft Slalom w/Hotchkis Sport Suspension
Testing image 4
1971 Chevelle 600ft Slalom w/Hotchkis Sport Suspension
Testing image 5