Track Testing at Willow Springs

Track testing at Hotchkis is usually in the spring, but we’ve developed so many new products this year that we needed a mid-season R&D session! As always, our star H-Team members were invited to join us, and the track day at Willow Springs was a huge success. Several magazines came out to get numbers and do some track testing on their own cars, and the crew from The Car Show on SPEED was on hand at the big track to do a muscle car segment for an upcoming episode. Our H-Team cars were running in top form, and our drivers are getting faster than ever! We’ll have an official video up soon, in the meantime here are a few updates:

Mike Hickman brought out the newly rebuilt project G-10 pickup, complete with an all new Hotchkis C10 TVS, GM Perf. Parts E-Rod crate engine, 4L65E transmission with TCI paddle shifters, Rushforth wheels and Falken Azenis tires. This truck was incredibly fast, outrunning nearly everything else on the track including several super cars! Mike produced his own video, here it is:


Rob & Trish Byrd brought out the matching Byrd 5th Gen Camaros. Rob has become quite fast in his Hotchkis Track Pack equipped coupe with BBS Wheels, and Trish logged track time in her new convertible, which we used for R&D when designing the new Hotchkis Camaro Total Vehicle System. Both of these fantastic people are getting REALLY fast, and after spending some seat time with John, Trish got even faster! Here’s a video Rob put together:

Michael Heinz brought out his stunning Grabber Blue 5.0 Mustang, complete with a new RTR body kit and wheels, Hotchkis TVS suspension, Magnusson supercharger and more. Michael is a heck of a guy and is willing to let just about anyone drive his car, even Adam Carolla, host of The Car Show. Unfortunately, Adam got a little crossed up on the track and went-off road, but is taking care of the damage. You can hear the whole story here on his podcast, or look for a future episode of the Car Show on SPEEED

Don Gonzales attended his first H-Team Willow day and spent most of his time on the big track with the TV guys, while his better half Laura spent most of the day shooting pictures for albums on Facebook and the forums. Carl Casanova brought out his stunning ’68 Camaro, which he let journalist Dan Neil drive for the TV show. Dan’s comment, on getting out of the car, was that the TVS equipped 1st gen was “In 20 years, the best car I’ve ever driven.” Kudos to Carl for his attention to detail and hard work on this stunning ride.

The 2nd Gen brigade was represented by Mary & David Pozzi and Deanna Marengo, who were out doing R&D hot laps in their new Hotchkis 3-Link equippd Camaros. Both cars were blisteringly fast, and the kits will be available on the market soon. Stay tuned for a major announcement.

Finally, the Mopar crew was represented by Dan “The Man” Weishaar in his famous Road Runner, Steve Wall in his A-Body Cuda, and restoration expert Julius Steuer in his recently completed and totally stunning Plymouth Superbird, complete with a new Hotchkis TVS and period perfect Minilite wheels wrapped in Goodyear rubber. Watching that big wing car fly around the track was absolutely stunning. Modern Mopar fans were included as well, with two excellent Challengers joining the classics for an all Mopar parade lap.

Overall it was a fantastic day, full of fast laps, excitement and lots of timed testing. Thanks to all for attending, and don’t forget to join the H-Team if you want to be part of the fun!