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Total Vehicle System (TVS) Packages

The Complete Bolt-On Performance Suspension Package

The Hotchkis TVS suspension kit is an all inclusive package designed and thoroughly tested as a complete handling solution. Using a TVS system guarantees that all the suspension components are engineered and designed to work together as a complete suspension system for the ultimate handling and performance improvement. This exhaustively tested and tuned suspension package eliminates the poor performance that often results from the use of the mix and match components sourced from different manufactures. Testing, engineering and matching the TVS suspension components ensures you receive balanced handling and the best performance.

TVS Kits
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Hotchkis Sport Suspension 80014-2F Stage 2 Front T ...
Your Price: $2,563.43
SRP: $2848.26
SKU: 80014-2F

1966-1969 Mopar B-Body Hotchkis Front Suspension S ...
Your Price: $2,363.63
SRP: $2626.26
SKU: 80110-2F

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 89005 Total Vehicle Sys ...
Your Price: $2,185.81
SRP: $2428.68
SKU: 89005

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 80015 TVS system for 19 ...
Your Price: $1,887.93
SRP: $2097.70
SKU: 80015

1966-1969 Mopar B-Body Hotchkis Rear Suspension Sy ...
Your Price: $1,494.88
SRP: $1649.26
SKU: 80110-2R

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 89005-2 Stage 2 Extreme ...
Your Price: $4,626.37
SRP: $5140.41
SKU: 89005-2

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 80015-2 Stage 2 TVS Kit ...
Your Price: $4,549.27
SRP: $5054.74
SKU: 80015-2

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 80110-70 1970 Mopar B-B ...
Your Price: $3,419.40
SRP: $3799.33
SKU: 80110-70

**OUT OF STOCK** Imagine controlling grip, ride ...
Your Price: $5,777.22
SRP: $6419.13
SKU: 89005-3

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 80015-2CV Stage 2 TVS K ...
Your Price: $4,826.99
SRP: $5363.32
SKU: 80015-2CV

1970 Mopar B-Body Hotchkis Front Suspension System ...
Your Price: $2,363.63
SRP: $2626.26
SKU: 80110-70-2F

Hotchkis Sport Suspension 89006 Total Vehicle Sys ...
Your Price: $2,186.81
SRP: $2429.79
SKU: 89006